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Love this blog. The writing is excellent…it took me forever to pick which post to reblog. I can’t even think of words to say…

my delusions

Seemingly out of nowhere, Electric Blue Running Shoes texts me,

Hey do you remember kissing
me what it was like?

   It is tempting to text back,

How about you refresh 
my memory?

But that would be a bad idea.

Also a cliché.

So instead I ignore him.

For about two hours.

(Electric Blue is not one to be ignored.)

This is important. Do you
have a specific memory
of kissing me?

Really, Electric Blue? It is important that I respond to a text out of left field regarding a kiss we shared last winter?

Okay, fine…


images-1The elevator doors open to reveal a man on the seventh floor jogging in place. I feel like he should be embarrassed. I know for certain that I am embarrassed for him. But he is somehow oblivious, immune. And he unashamedly just high knees it into the elevator, turns, and continues jogging in…

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Love this.



When I was in primary school I used to fake naps just to skip piano lessons, which made me a better actress than a musician today. Who knew what music could have taught me about love, patience, and the mercy of time? I could have been a goddamn virtuoso.


There are different approaches to love. My first love was embraced with naïve urgency: we kissed, touched, talked, and swallowed each other as if a tin of Pringles. I can never have snacks around me. Since I was a child I was taught to always finish my food, and I must finish it fast. Most of the time I got sick and threw up. Eating chips – as if loving me, felt like a job, a duty, a chore. I tried to keep up with your melody until the metronome stopped – as if even pendulum and…

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A poem about love from another blogger…You should really check out his other poems though, because they tell a story, and it’s sad but beautiful. 🙂

new day new chance

Love is a conundrum

Often a problem

Love stays behind

To comfort the grieving

Love is a fierce blow

to all that you know and believe

Love can even kill you

and often does

And yet Love makes it all worthwhile

But when Love is denied

The sun loses it’s shine

You don’t care and don’t care who knows it

We all want so much to be loved

and when it arrives

we deny it

Sometimes I am filled with so much love

It is more than I can take

I turn my face away

Because love

can be terrifying

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Another blog about love I recommend…she’s watching movies about Love but read this for the whole explanation 🙂

An Ode to the Recovering Hopeless Romantics

The Challenge: to watch a movie about love everyday, for 143 days.

143 movies, 143 days.

The Challenger:  Isidora Torres, a San Jose State University senior, a cynic and a former Michael Cera lover. Someone who probably has had their name misspelled more times than she can count and has been placed in numerous Spanish-speaking classes throughout her childhood. Isidora was inspired by Lawrence Dai and his crazy project, seen here.

Criteria: the movie can be literally anything – B-list romantic comedies, blockbusters, indies – as long as the storyline involves love. Sadly, my friends have made it clear this included the Twilight series (please help me).  The manner in which I chose to watch these movies is at my discretion. This isn’t supposed to be some awesome review/critque of  romantic films, but rather what I put in perspective after watching these films and aligning them with past and…

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