I have nothing that qualifies me to research and write about love.  I have a degree in Math and I work for an insurance company.  I do love and make art, in many forms, so I have an artistic perspective.  I guess maybe my logical perspective might add some balance, so maybe those are my qualifications.

Other than that, I basically am just in love with love.  I think every human being has at least some experience with love, so that qualifies me right there… it’s a borderline obsession, although that’s a pretty strong word, as it implies a lot of negative connotations.  My “obsession” is not bad at all.  It’s not unhealthy.  It’s just something more than a fascination, so I don’t know what else to call it.  Basically, for several years now, I’ve been quite intrigued by the idea of love, and what it means and looks like.  Since this is going to be a blog about my journey (not quite my personal journey of love, but my journey of discovery), I’m not going to go into that much right now, because at some point I’m sure I’ll make a post about it.  So for now I will just let you know that what I thought about love when I was young seems to not quite be true, so I have set out to learn as much as possible about it. 

I have been unofficially researching love for my own purposes for some time now, but then I decided I wanted to officially research it.  Then I thought that if I have something to learn, maybe other people might be interested also.  So while I am doing this because I want to, my musings/discoveries/whatever I decide to post on here will be available for the edification of others, too.  Just in case someone else can gain something from them too. 

So there you go.  Enjoy!!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your blog, puts things in an interesting perspective. You and I seem to share the general concept of unconditional love and what it means. Speaking of movies, I’m doing something similar in the sense that I’m watching 143 movies about love in 143 days. The whole point of it is to explore concepts of love through film, similar to your posts. I loved TiMer and if you have any other recommendations, love to hear them. Good luck with your findings!

    • Thank you! I’ll have to check your blog out…I had to visit it real quick to see what you’ve watched, because I wanted to recommend Wristcutters, since I just watched it again tonight and I LOVE that movie, but I see you’ve already watched it. I would definitely be interested to go back and read about your findings sometime when it’s not bedtime 🙂

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