So I recently discovered that you can’t have more than 15 tags + categories, otherwise no one sees your posts, which I actually found out due to my other blog.  I usually get likes on the photos I post there, so when I wasn’t getting any likes on some, I looked for them under the tags and they didn’t show up.  After much searching, I found that tag rule, and fixed the photos on that blog.  However, I then realized I may have done the same thing on this blog, and as it turns out, I did.  On several posts.  So I wanted to give those posts a chance to be seen.  Which means, in addition to deleting some of the tags, I had to change the date/time that it was posted to current, since people don’t go back and look at things that are days, much less months, old.  So, for those of those that follow my blog, I hope you didn’t get a flood of new emails for the same posts, and if you did, I’m sorry. :/ And to everyone else, sorry they’re all out of order and stuff…not that you care, but ya know.  So yeah.  Y’all might not notice, but if you do, I’m sorry.


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