This is a repost.

Apparently I like to personify statues (or mannequins). I think it’s because they don’t actually have a story, so I can give them a story of my choosing. Unless the person that designed/sculpted them gave them a story, which is likely, in which case I am trying to figure out what that story is. And women with good figures are clearly always in love, or hoping for love.

To start, this photo has a romantic, dreamy feel to me, probably due to the coloring and the filtered sunlight. Always a good recipe for love. 🙂 And then her eyes…something in her look tells me that she’s daydreaming about someone. She’s trying to do her carrying-of-the-potted-plant-on-head work, but she’s actually quite distracted by thoughts about a man that she quite fancies. It’s definitely a budding romance, and she is blossoming (had to say it). Possibly still secret. You may add more to her story if you’d like…that’s all that I will post because I could go on for a long time. 🙂


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