Been a little busy so I don’t have new stuff…but I need more interviews!! All the instructions are on this post 🙂

Reflections on Love

Ok everyone!! I have interview questions. I am going to ask random people (that I know) to answer these for me, but I would like as many people as possible to do it, so if you would like to, just send me your answers in an email or something… I don’t know how to allow you to make your answers anonymous to me, but if you want to do that and can figure out how, go for it. However, please include (whether or not you send it to me anonymously), so that I can post it anonymously but help people figure out where your expertise is coming from: Your sex, age (you can do range if you’d like, such as 40s, early 20s, etc), and relationship status (and time period if you are willing, such as married 5 years, in a relationship 1 month, etc. No need to put…

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