Do we ever learn?

After my last post/poem, I was asked if I really don’t think we ever learn.  I decided that my answer to this is longer than a simple yes or no, and it would be better answered in a blog post. 🙂  So here are my thoughts on the topic:

I don’t think we ever learn to stop doing crazy things for the sake of love.

When we are younger (in the grand scheme of life; I would consider myself in this category), I think we, for the most part, continue to do all manner of crazy things for the sake of love.  As a disclaimer, there are people that are completely logical and rational and generally remain that way.  But I think that love is the strongest emotion, and therefore throws logic to the wind, and I believe that everyone experiences love at some point.  So some people may generally be rational, but at some point I think that even they would do something, however small, that could be considered “crazy”, for love.  As far as what these “crazy” things might be, I’m sure you are aware that they can be all manner of things.  Some things might be considered mistakes; just plain stupid choices.  Some people might take more risks, and this may be crazy for them but not necessarily bad.  Some people might just open themselves up so much emotionally to someone, and it can’t or doesn’t work, and they end up being terribly hurt.  I’m sure there are more examples, and these are just broad categories of crazy things.  So, when we are younger and still trying to find true love, I think we do these crazy things repeatedly and don’t learn.  We want to love and be loved.  And love makes us crazy.

So, by this definition of never learning, it would seem that older people, particularly those that have found their “true love”, are married and have been for years, and are comfortable with each other and are in a completely different situation altogether, would have potentially “learned”, or at least have no need to do the crazy things that they did in their youth.  So I would say yes, they have learned that aspect, or at least have no need to do the things that they did before.  But even in their situation, they will never “know” everything.  We are incapable of always getting it right; of having all the answers; of always knowing how to treat someone that we love.  Love is difficult.  Relationships are difficult.  We are always learning, but we never learn completely.  And even older people I think do “crazy” things for the sake of love, although in a completely different context.  I don’t know what these things might be, having never experienced this, but I think that love makes people crazy, and as long as there is love, there will be craziness.  I just think the craziness takes different forms.

So to answer the question, no, I don’t think we ever really learn.  Always learning, but never completely.  We keep doing crazy things. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Do we ever learn?

  1. I think we do learn…and we get better at loveing people, showing love and receiving love. But I think what trips us up it that we are all hopeless romantics. And as hopelss romantics we have this dream in our minds of what relationships are supposed to be like. And unfortunately the person we are in love with usually isn’t sharing the same dream.

    • We are not all hopeless romantics. Sometimes, instead of dreaming seperate dreams, two people can communicate, share visions, and strive for the same goals. And that can be deeply satisfying.

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