My new favorite How-To on relationships. They’re incredibly witty and well-spoken (written?). 🙂

True Love: Modern Romance in Sum

Being Beautiful

Love, true love, it has the power to make you smile uncontrollably and wrap your partner in the glowing aura of all your hopes. It can give you wings yet somehow also becomes the wind beneath them. This is the kind of love the modern romantic searches for; and as with any quest, be it from the Shire to Mount Doom or out of the fruity maze on the back of a box of Frankenberry, knowing where to start is as important as knowing where to end.

Inasmuch, true love starts with beauty. Admittedly, for such a pure and eternal thing to begin at such a transient place is counter intuitive. However, consider this: Love is the most beautiful of things, and beauty is the most loved; ergo it makes sense that love should be triggered by its most dominant trait. Another example of this phenomenon is the television show…

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