Spring Love

First, I am quite pleased with this photo.  It is hard to take photos of Love that are not just people holding hands, to begin with.  Also, I shot this while I was in my car, at a stop light, and it had just turned green and there was someone behind me.  Normally I take a few shots so I can pick the best one, but this was my one and only.  I also did not frame the shot purposefully the way it is.  I probably would have preferred it a little different, but I was positive I was not going to get a photo that I liked as much as this one.  I’m not trying to brag, I’m trying to point out just how magical this photo was. 🙂

Alright, how this is Love… Mopeds for me always have a little element of love to them.  I couldn’t tell you exactly why, but maybe because they’re cute, European, and a little romantic.  To me at least.  They’re like a spring type of love.  Cute and innocent and fun.  And then of course the spring flowers on the trees…it’s not actually spring yet, but it’s March and it was a sunny day and it may as well have been spring.  Spring makes me, and many others, think of love because all the animals are having babies, and it’s such a nice time of year, and the depression of winter is over…it’s just a good time for love. 🙂  And the building, well, it’s brick and awesome and romantic (to me)…I love buildings like this.  So this photo is the embodiment of cute, romantic, spring love for me, and you may not get it, but this is my blog after all. 🙂  So happy love-filled spring to you! ❤


3 thoughts on “Spring Love

  1. Thanks for reposting my blog! I love brick buildings, and this picture is great! Are you on Twitter? I’m at erikforserious.

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