Another blog about love I recommend…she’s watching movies about Love but read this for the whole explanation 🙂

An Ode to the Recovering Hopeless Romantics

The Challenge: to watch a movie about love everyday, for 143 days.

143 movies, 143 days.

The Challenger:  Isidora Torres, a San Jose State University senior, a cynic and a former Michael Cera lover. Someone who probably has had their name misspelled more times than she can count and has been placed in numerous Spanish-speaking classes throughout her childhood. Isidora was inspired by Lawrence Dai and his crazy project, seen here.

Criteria: the movie can be literally anything – B-list romantic comedies, blockbusters, indies – as long as the storyline involves love. Sadly, my friends have made it clear this included the Twilight series (please help me).  The manner in which I chose to watch these movies is at my discretion. This isn’t supposed to be some awesome review/critque of  romantic films, but rather what I put in perspective after watching these films and aligning them with past and…

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