Take me

1) I never make titles for my poems, and I’m terrible at titles, so I’m just using the first line…and I don’t really use punctuation consistently…

2) I am a hopeless romantic, and I have a fantastic imagination.  Just keep that in mind, and enjoy… 🙂

Take me
To where the Moon sings
And the flowers dance for her
I want to see what no one has ever seen before
The lake where the Sun bathes
When he is tired of the world
and wants to be alone
A secluded lagoon.
I want to dance with the stars
in their sparkling gowns
To lay in a field of butterflies
and listen to their stories
Stories of the world
I want to ride on the wind
Let it carry me to its resting place
where it makes music.
Will you take me?
I will give you my heart
and my soul
All of me
And we can just be
and dream
and love
Like no one ever has
But the moon, and the flowers
and the sun
and the stars
and the butterflies
and the wind.
And you and I


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