Male, 24, In a relationship 2 months

What does romantic love mean to you?

I think romantic love means getting swept up in those feelings that you have for a partner, and they are strong, and potent for them, and feel much more different than love for others.

What is the difference between platonic love and romantic love?

Platonic love for me, is that level of appreciation, respect, and joy you know that you have for someone in your life, and its that much more enriched because they are in it, but it peaks out, as you would not want any kind of physical intimate connection with a platonic love. Where as romantic love I feel that you would. You not only share that level of appreciation, respect, and joy, but it’s more personal when it’s a romantic love, because you want more with that partner, both physically and mentally. I love my friends, but that does not mean I want to spoon with them or anything.

Why do you (or we, if you don’t) seek love?

What better way to live life, than living life through love? Whether it be platonic or romantic? We need love in our lives to be able to live and function. It would be a very sad world if there were no love. It is the ultimate happiness, and I think that is why we seek it out so vigorously, to be happy, and have a more fulfilled life.

Is there one perfect person out there for you, or can you, through selfless loving, have a great relationship with someone very special?

I’ve often wondered about a possible soulmate. I have heard so many ideas, from we are all interchangeable and we have multiple soulmates. I can only come to my own conclusions based on my experiences in love. I feel that whoever we wind up with, that the paths intertwine, and choose to go down them together, to grow together, and love each other. Relationships grow, and the people in them grow as well, I feel like you will always continue to learn about your partner, as we are changing all the time. SO maybe we DO have the perfect person for us, but our idea of perfect changes as we do, and so we can achieve a deep wonderful relationship with a partner if we so choose.

Should, and do, men pursue women that they are interested in? Should women pursue?

I’m all for equal opportunity. I think it’s awesome when a woman pursues a guy. I think more often than not though, that guys do pursue girls they are genuinely interested in. Its all a give and take process anyways.

If you are in a relationship (especially if you are married), how did you know that was the person for you? If not, have you ever been in love, and how did you know?

I knew when my overall state of being was just insanely joyous. Kinda cheesy, but it’s just that feeling in your heart. Things were brighter, and you cant really explain why. Its one of those feelings that you just know when it happens. Elation, Anxiety, Joy, Fear, Confusion. Its almost an all encompassing feeling, because it can take you on such a roller coaster ride, and you just don’t want to get off. Even if you hurl chunks.

How do you stay in love, or make it last?

You work on it. Once it’s forged, it’s there, but takes work to keep it together. Be open about it with your partner and let them know how you feel, take interest in your partner’s life, and respect them. I think that love can fade a lot if you let it. It is how we get over break ups and move on to the next relationship. But like I said, if you work at it with your partner it can grow every day, and be the most amazing thing. And it differs with everyone how to do that. Each person you love will be different and so will the relationship.

What do you love best about the opposite sex, and what do you dislike the most about them?

Well, women have boobs. It’s pretty obvious if you are a guy. So it’s definitely a physical thing. But more so than that, I think you can’t really group what’s best about the opposite sex. EVERYBODY is different, and different women have different traits that are intriguing or fascinating. Just depends on personality. Same thing with dislike.

What advice would you give? Love related, but anything at all to anyone at all?

We are all so driven to find love. That’s great! If you find it, appreciate it, because it is a special connection that you get to share with only one other person. And that is pretty damn fantastic.


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