Female, late 20s, married for 3 1/2 years, in the same relationship for 7 years.

What does romantic love mean to you?

Romantic love to me is to insert aspects of flirtation, admiration, physical touch, sweetness, kindness into your day to day life with your partner. To have my husband take me out on a date to a favorite restaurant, bring me a coffee for no reason, come up behind me and hug me and tell me i’m beautiful – that is romantic love. We don’t have to take extravagant trips (although weekends away and dates are AWESOME) or buy expensive gifts, it’s all in the day to day interactions you have.

What is the difference between platonic love and romantic love?

Platonic love is what I have with my friends, and doesn’t involve physical touch. My husband is not only my best friend, but also my lover, and he is the only one I feel that way towards.

Why do you (or we, if you don’t) seek love?

Without love, what’s the point?

Is there one perfect person out there for you, or can you, through selfless loving, have a great relationship with someone very special?

No perfect person, that is just silly. Every person has their own set of problems. If you break up with one person and begin a new relationship with another (platonic or romantic) then you’re simply trading one set of problems for another.

Should, and do, men pursue women that they are interested in? Should women pursue?

Yes and yes. Life is too short to be embarrassed or whatever. If you like someone, go for it.

If you are in a relationship (especially if you are married), how did you know that was the person for you? If not, have you ever been in love, and how did you know?

This goes back to the ‘perfect person’ question. If you love someone romantically, and they are your best friend, and the feeling is mutual, then you can go from there. But be assured: if it doesn’t happen with that person, it will happen with another.

How do you stay in love, or make it last?

Well, i don’t believe in cutting people from my life, unless they are emotionally, psychologically or (obviously) physically abusive over and over. When you love someone, you make it work. You will never “fall out of love.” What happens is, circumstances change (job, financial things, physical body). Your values and belief system (even down to things like diet and wellness) change. Communication becomes sparse, you give into temptation, etc. To make a relationship last forever, you must tend to it, much like a garden. constant maintenance and hard work. But it’s not a negative thing, it’s awesome! Being married is altogether the hardest, and most wonderful thing in my life.

What do you love best about the opposite sex, and what do you dislike the most about them?

I like how men are prone to taking care of women, and to making us feel safe. There’s something really sexy about that to me. I also love man hugs. I love how many sacrifices they will make for their lady. I don’t feel like I can say what I don’t like, because I wouldn’t want to generalize all men. When I spoke before, I am referring to my own experience with men, and the ones currently in my life.

What advice would you give? Love related, but anything at all to anyone at all.

Caring, compromise, communication. Always.


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