Male, late 20s. Currently in monogamish relationship of 1 1/2 years.

What does romantic love mean to you?

A blend of emotional, physical, and intellectual bonds between two or more people. Continued attraction and affection (not just physical affection) after the “new relationship” butterflies have faded.

What is the difference between platonic love and romantic love?

Platonic means there is no physical connection (regardless of any attraction).

Why do you (or we, if you don’t) seek love?

It feels good to love and be loved.

Is there one perfect person out there for you, or can you, through selfless loving, have a great relationship with someone very special?

There’s no such thing as a perfect person, thus there cannot be one perfect person out there for me. Loving someone is not just about tolerating their flaws, but also accepting and embracing them.

Should, and do, men pursue women that they are interested in?  Should women pursue?

Yes and yes. Gender shouldn’t have much to do with it.

If you are in a relationship (especially if you are married), how did you know that was the person for you?  If not, have you ever been in love, and how did you know?

I think after the new relationship butterflies have subsided you can figure it out.  Do you want to still be around them? Do they still want to be around you? Those are pretty good signs.

How do you stay in love, or make it last?

I don’t know. So far it’s just been happening. But I think you do need to keep things fresh when possible. Go places and do things together.

What do you love best about the opposite sex, and what do you dislike the most about them?

I’m not really sure how to answer this question. Physically I love the female form, but I really like the emotional connections I form with women. What I dislike? I honestly don’t know. I think that’d be more person-specific, I can’t say anything generally about all women.

What advice would you give?  Love related, but anything at all to anyone at all.

Be patient and think before you say things.


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