I did a series of four photos for a gallery show, for which we got to choose our theme.  I of course chose “Love”, with the goal of portraying love without taking photos of people.  This turns out to be difficult, in a limited time frame.  I ended up with two photos of people, one of a couple holding hands and one of three friends.  The third photo was of hearts drawn in concrete while it had been wet.  This was the fourth, and my personal favorite, since it is not obviously about love at first glance.  It has a story.

This mannequin was in an antique store.  She represented love to me from the moment I saw her.  Something about the lights pointed toward her…she looks like a performer, in her tu-tu.  And as a performer, she is loved by all that watch her performances.  However, after it’s all over, she is alone.  No one truly loves her.  And that is all she really wants.  She wants to be loved, and she finds temporary fulfillment in the conditional love she receives from performing, but it is unsatisfying.  If someone would love her unconditionally, for who she is, she would not feel alone and she would feel complete.  At least this is what she believes (whether that is true or not, we have yet to establish. Hence the research.).

So, that is the story I gave her, or maybe she gave me, and why she represents Love to me.


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