A Neruda

In one of my Spanish Literature classes in college, we read some poems by Pablo Neruda. I would recommend looking him up, or I have a book that you can come look at. I love his poetry. It’s all about love and passion, and very controversial. Many people do not like him because they say he objectifies women. I will let you decide how you feel about his work. I wrote a poem to him. Not literally, of course…he is dead…but that was the concept at least. So here it is 🙂

Side note: I write very informally and don’t include much punctuation, so sorry if it’s difficult to read. Also, it really helps if you know some of Neruda’s work. 🙂

Amantes fuimos
y toda noche nos perdíamos en el amor
We were young, too
En tus brazos
Los besos infinitos
But you were lost
You needed me to save you,
fill you,
complete you.
Sé que me amó
y me amabas
But it was too much.
Your despair, your emptiness
I never knew what it was
But I saw it
And I tried to help you
I know you needed me,
but I was just as lost.
Dos amantes, perdidos.
The fire, the passion, it was all real.
Nos queríamos.
But you wanted my light to fill your darkness
and I couldn’t.
I had my own darkness.
And you knew, and you still loved me.
But we were not meant to be.
Ah, las noches…
nunca se olvidarán
Two lovers
trying to find salvation in each others’ arms
I would have saved you
but I couldn’t
but I loved you
Pero no debe ser
y nunca será.


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